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(Water-Repelling Agent)


Composition – Mixture of long chain organic compounds and metal salts.

Appearance – Light cream emulsion.

Ionic Nature – Anionic/Nonionic.

Stability – Non-compatible with acidic media.


POPAQUAPHOBE is a powerful water-repelling agent for textile materials. It can be used on a variety of fabrics, viz., cotton, wool, rayon etc.

POPAQUAPHOBE is readily dispersible in water, has excellent stability under normal conditions of storage and is very simple in it’s application. However, to obtain maximum water-repellent effect, care should be taken to see that the fabric is free from alkaline impurities, wetting agents, soap residues and sizes, before it is treated with POPAQUAPHOBE.


The impregnation bath is made simply by mixing the required amount of POPAQUAPHOBE with lukewarm water, made upto the required volume and used directly.

POPAQUAPHOBE can be applied to a fabric either on a padding mangle or in a jigger as allows:

  1. Padding Mangle :

The cloth can be padded through the dispertion of POPAQUAPHOBE and dried on drying cylinders or in a hot air stenter. Whatever the made of drying, the temperature during drying should be above 100ºC to ensure good results. Better results are, however, produced by cylinder drying.

To get even wetting of cloth while padding, it is preferable to give two dips and two nips in the padding mangle.

  1. Jigger:

The cloth should be given 6-8 ends in a jigger through a dispersion of POPAQUAPHOBE. It should then be squeezed in open width and dried on drying cylinders or on a hot air stenter, keeping the temperature above 100ºC.

In general, 5-8% of POPAQUAPHOBE (calculated on the weight of the fabric) gives excellent results on most fabrics. In certain cases, this percentage may be slightly increased, but it should not be done indefinitely, as it will not result in an increase in


water-repllency in the same proportion, while in some cases it may even decrease water- repllency as the POPAQUAPHOBE concentration on the fabric increases.

If padding mangle is used, the amount of POPAQUAPHOBE required will be calculated after taking into consideration the ‘expression’ or the liquor take-up of the mangle, while on jigger the weight of the cloth in a batch should be considered.

PACKING: 100 Kgs. HDPE Drums.

STORAGE & HANDLING: Stable under normal conditions. Non-toxic.

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