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Aqueous solution of melamine resin.

Appearance              : Clear, aqueous liquid.

Chemical nature      : Melamine-formaldehyde condensate resin.

Active Matter            : 5.5%(+-2)

pH of 10% solution   : 2.5-3.0

Light Fastness          : Excellent

Storage Stability       : Atleast one year . Freezes at approx 15C but becomes fullyeffective
                                        again on thawing. Stability to acids,

alkalis & Salts           : GOOD.

Compatibility             : Good with anionic, non-anionic and cationic products

Properties :

- Pofil KE is light fast and is ideally suitable for aniline leather and white or pastel coloured leather .

- Popfil KE produces a fine, tight and elastic grain. The fine,smooth appearance of the grainis unimpaired by subsequent retannagewith strong filling effect .

- Popfil KE levels out structural irregularities within the skin.

- Popfil KE imparts a short a short , even nap to suede .

- Popfil KE increase intensity and depth of dyed shades.

Application :
The action of Popfil KE is dependant on the pH . The optimum pH range for the application of this product is about 3.5-4.5 ie. slightly acidic pH values below 3.5 can cause bonding at the surface only and hardening of the leather . pH values above 5.5 generally result in inadequate bonding with the fibre . It is therefore advisable to apply Popfil KE before neutralizing . WE recommended rinsing the leather beforehand in order to ensure more even uptake of the product .

In chorme retannages , Popfil KE may also be applied together with the chrome tannin , It is important to ensure, however that the pH of the liquor is above 3.5 .

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