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(A Weakly cation active fatliquor)

Appearance : A creamy white paste

Chemical Character : Weakly cation-active emulsion of natural oils.

Active Mather : 45% (+2)

PH of 10% solution : 5.0 + 6.0

Stability : Stable to acids, salts, hard water, chrome and vegetable

extracts normally used in tannery operation.

Compatibility : Compatible with cation active and non-ionic agents and also

with the anionic fatliquors in certain proportions and


Light Fastness : Good.


POPLIX U PASTE is readily emulsifiable even with cold water and the emulsion is stable to acids, neutral salts and solutions of mineral tanning salts and compatible with anionic tanning agents under normal pH conditions.

Due to its positive charge it disperses the chrome salts in the chrome tanning bath and assists in an even distribution of chrome to give a uniform tannage.

POPLIX U PASTE can also be used in multicharge fat liquoring when blended with other anionic fat liquors in the pre-fatliquoring or main fatliquoring to achieve better


IN RECHROMING: 1.0 to 2.0% of POPLIX U PASTE when used before addition of chrome powder helps in :

a. Uniform and quick penetration of chrome.

b. Improves the softness and feel of the leather.

c. Quick exhaustion of chrome bath.

IN PREFATLIQUORING : Addition of 1.0 to 2.0% POPLIX U PASTE as prefatliquoring serves as a dispersant in the dyeing and retanning bath to give :

a. Level dyeing with uniform penetration of dyes.

b. Even distribution of vegetable tannins and other syntans to give a fuller handle after retannage.

c. Reduces the hardening effect of vegetable extracts.

IN MAIN FATLIQUORING: 2.0-3.0% POPLIX U PASTE can be added alongwith anionic fatliquors to get following advantages :

a. Better exhanstion of fat.

b. Better feel on the leather surface.

c. Better softness.

Proper care must be taken during preparation of multicharge emulsion . Aqueous emulsion of POPLIX U PASTE and anionic fathiquors combination should be prepared separately and then the cationic emulsion should be added to the anionic emulsion very gradually with constant stirring.

IN TOP FATLIQUORING :1.0-2.0% of POPLIX U PASTE can be added on top for the following benefits :

a. It gives excellent feel on leather surface.

b. Helps in exhaustion of anionic fats and dyestuffs.

c. Improves colour fastness of the leather.

POPLIX U PASTE is also suitable for vegetables tanned leather. Surface feel of vegetable tanned leather can be improved by spraying 10% aqueous solution on it.

STORAGE STABILITY : It is stable upto 12 months in storage under normal storage condition.

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