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Synthetic Fatliquor for all type of skins.

Appearance : Light yellow brown opalescent viscous liquid.

Chemical Character : Blend of high molecular sulphited synthetic

esters, solvent and long chain alkanes.

pH of 10% solution : 8.0 + 0.5

Active Matter : 85%

Stability : Stable at normal pH conditions to neutral

salts, bases, acids and mineral salts at

concentrations normally used in tanneries.

Compatibility : Compatible with anionic dyes, fatliquors as

well as synthetic and vegetable tanning agents.

Dissolution : Before adding to the floats, dilute with warm

water until obtaining fluid consistency.

Fastness to light : Good.


  • Popsynth SL-57 is a light fast fat liquor based on synthetic sulphited esters, solvent and long chain alkanes.
  • Popsynth SL-57 is highly penetrative fatliquor with high fat content and imparts excellent softness and body to leather.
  • Popsynth SL-57 is an ideal fatliquor in the sense, besides giving the uniform lubrication it also paves the way for the uniform distribution and absorption of the syntans, dyes and the other chemicals which are added subsequently.
  • Popsynth SL-57 imparts full and soft feel to the leather without overfatliquoring and gives very warm and pleasant feel to the leather surface. It also imparts good smoothness to the leather surface.


  • Popsynth SL-57 is ideally suited for light weight leathers viz. nappas, gloving and clothing leathers.
  • Popsynth SL-57 can be best applied immediately after neutralisation at an offer of 1 to 3% for light weight leathers, followed by normal retannage and fatliquoring. It redistributes the natural fat present in the leather.
  • Popsynth SL-57 can be recommended for all types of leather, especially for shoe uppers, nubuck leathers, glazed kid goat uppers, garment or bag leathers and all types of suedes.


Popsynth SL-57 can be stored for about one year under normal conditions and temperatures. The product should always be stirred before use as a precautionary measure due to temperature changes.

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