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Poptan AL Liquid is a speciality product designed to be used in chrome saving process and retanning of chrome leathers, based on masked and basified aluminiun salts .

Typical Analysis :

Appearance : Pale Yellow Liquid
Total solids :38%
pH : 3.5 + 4.0


1) Faster and more uniform chrome tanning
2) If used as a chrome saving pretan, capability of sorting and grading before chrome tanning .


Poptan AL Liquid can be used either alone or in conjuction with other mineral tanning agents in various process stages, e.g. in rechroming as a pretannage or as a dye intensifier.

Poptan AL Liquid improves the nap of suedes.

Poptan AL Liquid is also used during the retannage of vegetable leather to give the characteristics of mineral retannage, i.e. increase in shrinkage temperature, smoothness of grain and improvement in intensity of dye shades.

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