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Complex-active auxiliary for chrome tannage

Poptan AP is used as a masking and basifying agent in chrome tannage. It improves the uptake of chromium salt and helps to fix them to the leather.

Poptan AP is used to improve the fullness and perspiration fastness of leathers and improves the tightness of the grain and it is particularly recommended for use of pelts with loose, empty texture.


Chemical Nature : Mixture of special dicarboxylic acids with a

complexing action.

Appearance : White Powder

PH of 10% solution : Approx 7.0

Solid Content : Approx 100%


Poptan AP has the following properties:

  • It gives very substantial improvement in the fullness of the leather by forming complexes with chromium salt.
  • It enhances the tightness of the grain.
  • It improves the perspiration fastness of the leather.
  • It improves the uptake and fixation of chrome tanning agents.
  • It reduces the chromium content in the tannery effluents.


Poptan AP can be employed in chrome tannages applied to all types of leather but it is especially recommended for improving the fullness and tightness of the grain of leather made from pelts with loose and empty texture.

Poptan AP is to be dosed at 0.5-1.0% based on pelt weight. It should be dissolved properly before adding to the float so that the exothermic reaction does not take place in the drum.


Poptan AP should be dissolved by wetting the powder with 60-70% of its own weight of hot or cold water. The resulting paste must then be completely dissolved by adding 150% tap water.


Can be stored under normal tannery conditions and has a shelf life of one year.

NOTE : The powder is slightly hygroscopic and so the bags should be tightly re-sealed each time material is taken out.

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