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A versatile synthetic replacement tanning agent (concentrate sulphone based formaldehyde free ) for the retannage of chrome leather and for vegetable tannage. (CONCENTRATE OF DIHYDROXY –DIPHENYL SULPHONE CONDENSATE)


Chemical Type : Dihydroxy-diphenyl sulphone condensate.

Active Matter : 85%

pH of 10% solution : 3.5

Solubility : Readily soluble in water

Charge : Anionic

Appearance : Pale, cream coloured, spray dried powder

Moisture Content % : 0.5-1%


POPTAN DHS is a pale, cream coloured, spray dried powder, readily
soluble in water.

POPTAN DHS is a light fast synthetic tanning agent for the use of both chrome and vegetable tanning. It is exceptionally stable to ultraviolet light, and in this respect it surpasses most other phenolic syntans.

POPTAN DHS when used as a retannage on chrome leather, helps in getting smooth and tight grain with noticeably improved filling of the flanks. As an additive to vegetable and/or resin retannage POPTAN DHS improves the distribution of retanning agents in the leather cross section.

POPTAN DHS shortens the vegetable tanning time of pickle stock. By pretanning with it, vegetable tannins can be added at a much faster rate than normal to produce fully tanned leather with fine and close grain pattern.

POPTAN DHS imparts a high degree of suppleness and improves the tightness of the grain. It has a heavy bleaching effect when used on its own on chrome leathers. The good dispersing effect of POPTAN DHS results in deeper and more uniform penetration of other retanning agents. It has a medium strong filling effect.


POPTAN DHS is suitable for a wide range of applications in the production of :

full chrome and retan upper leathers.

aniline and pastel coloured leathers.

suede clothing leathers.

in clothing nappa.

in vegetable tanning.


Although storage life is unlimited particular care should be taken to ensure that the product is stored dry. Some caking may occur, if the product is stored in damp, warm conditions, but this does not affect the efficiency of the product.

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