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(Finely divided Resin Tannin for Retannage of chrome & Combination Tanned Leathers)

Type of product: Monomeric, Heterocyclic M-Methylel Compound.

Apperance: Clear, aqueous liquid.

Active Matter: 45% ( 1)

pH of 10% solution: 4.0 1.0

Dilutability: Freely dilutable with water.

Storage Stability: Atleast on year. Freezes at approx. 10 C but becomes fully

effective again on thawing.

Stability to Solution of: Acid Good

Alkalis Good

Salts Good

Compatibility with: Anion Active Good

Nonionic Good

Cation active substances Good


POPTAN LSI has good grain tightening and structure leveling properties with slight filling action.

POPTAN LSI produces a fine, tight and elastic grain.

POPTAN LSI is exceptionally light-fast and hence particularly suitable for aniline leather and white or pastel-coloured leather.


The action or fixation of POPTAN LSI is dependant on the pH. The optimum pH range for its application is about 3.5-4.5 i.e. slightly acid pH values below 3.5 can cause bonding at the surface only and hardening of leather.

pH value above 5.5 generally result in inadequate bonding with the fibre. It is advisable to apply POPTAN LSI before neutralizing.

In chrome retannages POPTAN LSI may also be applied together with the chrome tannin. Its important to ensure that the pH of the liquor is above 3.5.


2.0 3.0% POPTAN LSI on the shaved weight.

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