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Levelling Agent with slight tanning properties; dispersing agent for vegetable tannins.

Poptan ND is versatile in application.

  • In dyeing as levelling and lightening agent for anionic dyes, especially suitable for medium to pastel shades.
  • For the fixation of cationic dyes and fatliquors.
  • As dispersing agent for vegetable tannins and in retannages with anionic and nonionic resin tannins. Promotes the penetration and distribution of the tannin while simultaneously improving the dyeability and penetration.


Appearance : Very light, yellowish-brown powder, readily

soluble in water.

Chemical Character : Sodium Salt of an aromatic sulphonic acid, anionic.

Active Ingredients : 96%

pH of 10% solution : 7-8

Application :

  • Dyeing pale and pastel shades with anionic dyes :

PoptanND is used here as a levelling and brightening agent. It is added at the beginning of the dyeing about 10 minutes before the dye is added, either dissolved in a 1:5 ratio or in powder form. It can also be added directly together with the dye, in which case the dyeing is lightened somewhat less.

Amounts :PoptanND

Medium to pale shades 0.2-1%

Pastel shades 1-3%

On the shaved weight.

  • Fixation of cationic dyes and fat liquors :

Additional fixation of dyeings or toppings with cationic dyes and cationic fatliquors can be obtained by an aftertreatment withPoptanND. It is added to the exhausted dyeing or fatliquoring bath.

Amounts : 0.5-1%PoptanNDon shaved weight.

  • Vegetable tanning :

PoptanNDdisperses the vegetable tannin , largely prevents the formation of undesired sludge and speeds up the through tanning process.

Amounts in drum tanning : 2-10%PoptanNDbased on the amount

of Vegetable tannin.

  • In Retannages :

PoptanNDis added as a dispersing and levelling agent to retannages with vegetable tannins as well as anionic and nonionic resin tannins; the penetration of the retanning agents thereby becomes more uniform and the grain remains more elastic.

Amounts : 5-30%PoptanNDbased on the retanning agent.


Virtually unlimited, if frozen. Ensure it is stored dry and opened containers are tightly closed.

Without Gurantee


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