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(A Phenolic-Resin Bridged Replacement Syntan)

Appearance: Dark Coloured liquid

Chemical Type: Phenolic Resin Bridged Tannin

Concentration: 65% ( 2)

pH of 10% solution: 3.5 0.5

Tannin: 35%


POPTAN PR-10 is an unique development in replacement tan materials. It is actually a bridged phenolic-resin tannin that imparts characteristics properties to leather, not accomplished with straight phenolic syntans or resin retans.

POPTAN PR-10 has a superior bleaching property on chrome tanned stock where there is need for white leather or thoroughly bleached leather for pastel shades.

POPTAN PR-10 is compatible with vegetable extracts. The chemical bridging technique used in combining a phenolic with a resin to form unusual replacement tan material imparts surprising fullness to leather. This is particularly noticeable to kidskins, sheepskins and deer skins or light weight skins in general.

POPTAN PR-10 eliminates boniness, but maintains fullness.


POPTAN PR-10 tans pickled stock, developing a strong grain with shrink temperature in excess of 160 F, about the same as a straight vegetable tannage.

In Chrome retanning POPTAN PR-10 imparts fullness and mellowness. Its ideal for soft tannages, for fancy gloves, garments, softyside upper, pouch hanbag leather, deerskin, upholstery, kidskin and sheepskin.

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