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Poptan TD is a modified pyragallol extract . Poprtan TD gives firm and non elastic leather having good resistance to light and water .


Appearance : Pale brown colour powder
pH *10% solution) : 4.0 + 1.0
Solid content : 93%


Poptan TD powder is easily soluble in water .

Poptan TD has medium astringency which allows to obtain sole leather with a nice light colour without risk of crispation.

For sole lather, equipment leather and leather goods , we advice to use Poptan TD in the last editions of tanning extracts.

Lightfastness of leather tanned with Poptan TD is much better compared to the ones tanned with other tanning extracts such as Mimosa , Quebracho , Chestnu .

Poptan TD is also recommended for buffered and grained leathers.

In retannage on chrome leather , Poptan TD gives uniform , strengthened, pastel shades .


Poptan TD is mainly used in :
-vegetable tanning of sole leather
-vegetable tanning of leather goods
-retanning of cow, boxcalf , goats .
-retannin of goats and kids for upper leather .

Storage: Poptan TD maintains its characteristics unchanged if properly stored in dry premises protected from sunlight in closed bags.

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