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(Wax Emulsion)


Composition - Waxes with emulsifiers.

Appearance - White paste.

Ionic nature - Anionic/Nonionic mixtures.

Stability - Stable to hard water and dilute alkali. Not compatible with acids.

POPWAX P is marketed in the form of a white emulsion, which when diluted with water, gives fine emulsions stable to alkalis, hard water and salts. POPWAX P is useful as a softening agent either alone or in admixture with sizing/finishing agents. It can also be used as a water-proofing agent by a two bath process.


a) Softening/Finishing

POPWAX P when used alone gives a soft and supple handle to fabrics. Recommended concentration for this purpose is 1-5 g/l. the material in yarn fabric form to be finished is simply soaked/padded in this liquor and dried without rising. If the fabric is calendered water after this treatment, the presence of POPWAX P enhances the luster.

Large quantities of cotton and some of rayon fabrics are generally finished with starch and other finishing agents for imparting stiffness and also for back-filling purposes. POPWAX P is used as a softening agent in conjunction with these finishes to counteract brittleness of the deposited stiff films. The amount of POPWAX P recommended for this purpose is 5-15% on the weight of the finishing agents.

b) Waterproofing

Cotton, linen, wool, rayons, silk etc., can be water-proofed by the following two-bath process. If single bath process is preferred, Popaquaphobe is recommended.


POPWAX P 20-60 g

Water to 1000 ml

POPWAX P is diluted with water at 50º-55ºC. The goods to be waterproofed are treated in this bath for 20 minutes (batchwise) or padded (preferable 2 dips, 2 nips) and batched on a roller for 30 minutes.


The goods impregnated in first bath are, without intermediate drying, treated (either bachwise or padding as in case of first bath) in the second bath containing:

Aluminium acetate 22-60 g


Water 1000 ml

The goods are finally dried, preferably at or above 100ºC.



PACKING: 100kgs. HDPE Drums.

STORAGE & HANDLING: Stable under normal conditions. Non-toxic.

Without Gurantee


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