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Popwhite WG is an anionic fluoroscent brightener for use on wool, nylon and silk. It is stable to heat and mild acids and imparts a pleasing reddish white effect on the above mentioned fibres/fabric.

Appearance & Solubility

Popwhite WG is yellowish powder soluble upto 20 gms./litre in boiling soft water giving a clear solution.


Popwhite WG exhausts from acid baths on to wool, nylon and silk fibres giving reddish white shade. It also exhausts on to these fibres from stabilized Hydrosulphite baths. It can be applied from Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) bath for one bath bleaching and whitening of wool and wool/cellulose blended fibres.

Popwhite WG has good levelling properties and is stable to hard water, reducing agents and hydrogen peroxide. It remains stable within a pH range of 3-10.


Firstly scour the wool fibre thoroughly with 1-2% Non-Ionic Detergent at 95 C for 45-60 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Then rinse the material in 1:1000 Acetic Acid (very diluted form of acetic acid) to make the pH neutral of the fibre.

Now treat the material with 3-5 gms/litre Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) at 40C for 30 minutes. Drain

Then add 0.2 0.5% Popwhite WG. Adjust pH to 4.0 with Acetic Acid. Enter at room temperature. Raise the temperature within 30 minutes to 90C and maintain for 30 minutes. Rinse

Fatness Properties:

Light - Good

Washing - Good

Perspiration - Good

Without Gurantee


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