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( Alkali Bating Enzyme)


POPBATE ALK ULTRA CONC. is an enzymatic bating agent which works in alkaline range. POPBATE ALK ULTRA CONC. is a versatile bating agent based on proteolytic enzymes for all types of leather. This is an optimal blend of proteolytic enzymes from animal and microbial sources. The tailor made formulation has also lipolytic side activities which help in removing the fatty tissues adhering to the skin and thus facilitating an optimum bating action.


  • POPBATE ALK ULTRA CONC. ensures efficient loosening of scud consisting of short hairs, grease, lime soaps, dark coloured pigments and traces of epidermis, resulting in a fine and silky grained leather.
  • POPBATE ALK ULTRA CONC. has proteolytic enzymes which ensure optimal removal of non-leather forming proteinaceous material like albumin, globulins and mucoids from the hides and skins.
  • POPBATE ALK ULTRA - CONC. gives a more elastic grain without increasing the "loose grain" tendency.
  • POPBATE ALK ULTRA CONC. slackens the hide structure gently without causing excessive decomposition of the flanks.
  • POPBATE ALK ULTRA CONC. gives good scud loosening, smooth grains, even in strongly "fallen"pelts. For improved scud loosening special auxiliary agents may be additionally used.


Appearance : Off white to pale brown, free flowing powder
Opt. pH : 8.5 - 9.5
Opt.Temperature : 35°C - 45° C
Activity : 15,000 LVU/GM


It is to be dosed at 0.04 - 0.08% based on the pelt weight. It is better to dissolve the formulations made with POPBATE ALK ULTRA CONC. separately in little quantity of water before adding to the bating bath.


POPBATE ALK ULTRA CONC. is available in 30 Kgs. Plastic drum packing and can be stored upto 6 months in a cool and dry place.

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