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Aqueous degreasing agent for all types of leather.

POPDEGREASOR AMG SPL is a degreasing agent with high efficiency and very good biodegradability for all kind of skins that contain big amount of natural fat .

Appearance                   : Easily pourable light yellow liquid .
Chemical Nature           : Combination of alkylpolygly colethers and                                            carboxylated compunds.
Ionic Charge                  : Non Ionic
pH of 10% solution     : 7.0-8.0
% soling content          : 50%
Stability                          : Resistant to salts, acid and alkaline baths in usual                                                  work conditions.
Dissolution : Should be added directly to the floats or previously diluted with warm water untill obtaining fluid consistency .

Characteristics :

- Efficiency of degreasing is better that obtained using ethoxylated nonlyphenol (8-90E) in the same conditions .

- Full biodegrability and low toxicity of compounds generated after degradation .

- Low foam production

- Suitable to degrease ecologically all types of skins .

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