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Aqueous degreasing agent for all types of leather.

POPDEGREASOR DGI LIQUID is a solvent-based water miscible Degreasing agnet based on a special combination of solvent and nonionic emulsifiers.

POPDEGREASOR DGI LIQUID is ideally suitable for degreasing all Types of leathers. Skins and hides with excessive fat content can be effectively degreased to produce better quality finished leathers. It redistributes the natural fat to achieve more level dyeing in uppers and Improved nap in suedes .

Appearance                   : Transparent , pale yellow liquid.
Chemical Nature           : Solvent containing small amount of anionic                                            emulsifiere.
Reaction                         : Neutral
pH of 10% solution     : 7.0-7.5
Stability                          : Stable to acids, alkalis and salts

When used in the degreasing of bated hides and skins, Popdegreasor DGI Liquid removes excess aftty matter and also improves the dispersion of natural fat present. This prevents chrome soap formations during chrome tannage . 0.25%-1.5% is recommended during this stage depending on the type pf raw material used.

Popdegreasor DGI Liquid is suitable for the degreasing of E.I. skins for the manufacture of semichrome grain and suede leathers. 2.0%-4.0% can be used alongwith 1% sodium bicarbonate in the stripping bath.

For the degreasing of chrome split leathers for the manufacture of suede leather, 2.0%-4.0% of Popdegreasor DGI Liquid is recommended on shaved weight. Popdegreasor DGI Liquid can be also used for the degreasing of bated skins for vegetable tannage .

Popdegreasor DGI Liquid is especially effective if degreasing is carried out under low float conditions . The pelts/leather can be run for about 30 to 40 minutes in low float conditions and the drum can be subsequently flooded with warm water and run for about 20 minutes.

: very good under normal storage conditions . After use, the lid of the container is to be closed air tight.

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