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Amphoteric dispersing agent for natural fats and chrome tanning salts.

Pop Picaltal S Powder does not swell the pelt and can, therefore, be applied with 1-2% of any salt.

  • promotes even distribution of chromes and fats throughout the cross-section of the leather.
  • disperses the natural fats.
  • helps to promote level dyeings.
  • enhances the softness of the leather.
  • avoids drawn grain when used in semi-chrome tannage.


Appearance : Clear, very slightly viscous liquid.
Chemical Character : Amphoteric fatty acid derivative containing water solublizing groups.
Activity : 50% (±2) Good.
pH of 10% solution : approx. 8.0
Storage Stability : Good.
Solubility : Miscible with water in any proportion.
Stability : Very good to acids, salts and alkalis.
Compatibility : Very good with anion-active (including vegetable tanning materials), non-ionic and cation-active products.


In the pickle and in chrome tannages
POPLIX DLA can be employed both in the pickle and in chrome tannages. The dispersing effect on natural fats is the same in both cases, as is the improvement in the distribution of the chrome tanning salt. The pickling process can be further accelerated by the use of POPLIX DLA. The product is preferable added about 20 min. before the pickling salt and acid.
In chrome tannage POPLIX DLA is added either immediately before or together with
the first chrome addition.
Amount : 0.5-1.5% POPLIX DLA calculated on the pelt weight:

  • In retannages & pretiminary fat liquoring process
    POPLIX DLA may be used in the first washing bath. Normally however, it is added together with the retanning agent for fat liquor in any preliminary fat liquoring process.
    Amount : 0.5-1 % POPLIX DLA calculated on the shaved Weight.
  • In wetting back crust leather
    Here POPLIX DLA accelerates the uniform wetting back of the leather and at the same time has a levelling effect on the subsequent dyeing. Amount : 1-2% POPLIX DLA calculated on the dry weight.
  • In the main fat liquoring process
    POPLIX DLA is used for the purpose of stabilising unstable fat liquor mixtures. Its use also produces a considerable improvement in the penetration and uniform distribution of the fat liquor. Amount : 1.5% POPLIX DLA calculated on the amount of fat liquor.
  • In Semi Chrome tannage
    POPLIX DLA is best utilised in semichrome tannage to disperse the natural fats applied during the vegetable tannage and thus helps in preventing the chrome soap formation. It also helps in producing fine grain and minimise the drawn grain effect.
    Amount : 1.5% POPLIX DLA calculated on the dry weight of E.I. Leathers.
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