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Cationic fatliquor of high light fastness and stability to electrolytes.

POPSOFT GSIN is a weakly cation-active fatliquor which is very versatile in application because of its high electrolyte stability. It may be used

  • in chrome tanning to give rapid, uniform through-tamning, and for its lubricating properties.
  • as the main fatliquor for chrome tanned suede leather.
  • as a top fatliquor for grain leathers. It enhances both softness and fullness and gives the leather, especially when used as a top fatliquor, a smooth, pleasing handle.


Appearance: white soft paste. Chemical Character: fatty acid condensation product. Ionic nature :cationic
pH of 10% emulsion:4-5 Light fastness:very good. Storage stability:virtually unlimited. Stability:. Stability to solutions of acids and salts very good but restricted to solutions of alkalis.
Dilutability and Compatibility: Readily emulsifiable in water at 50° further dilution can be done by cold
Compatible with nonionic, cationic and anionic substances. Emulsion is stable water also.


Because of its high electrolyte stability, Popsoft GSIN can be used without difficulty even in liquors with a high electrolyte content. . In chrome tannages Popsoft GSIN promotes the distribution of the chrome and accelerates thorough tanning thus increasing the softness and fullness of the leather. It also acts as a lubricant and prevents thin leathers from becoming entangled when tanning at short liquor ratios. The product is added at beginning of the tanning process or even in the pickle.
Amounts : Grain leather 0.2-0.5% Popsoft GSIN Suede leather 0.5-1.5% on the pelt weight.

  • In the main or preliminary fatliquoring of suede leather An excellent, uniform, thorough fatliquoring effect is achieved with Popsoft GSIN. It gives the leather a soft, full handle and trouble-free buffing properties. It is advisable to add the product before neutralising or together with a retannage, if given. If a more pronounced surface fatliquoring is required, e.g. to produce a two-way nap effect, Popsoft GSIN can be super- fatted by adding raw oils such as neatsfoot oil, sperm oil, etc. to form an emulsion. This is best carried out before neutralisation or in conjuction with any chrome retannage. Amount : 2-4% Popsoft GSIN on shaved weight + 0.3% neutral oil.
  • As a top fatiiquorforgrain leathers
    Popsoft GSIN is best added as a supplement to anionic fatliquoring baths to give complete bath exhaustion and to reinforce the fixation of the anionic fatliquors. The leathers are given a slightly greasy, pleasant handle, the grain elasticity is increased and the absorbency reduced.
  • Amount : 0.3-0.5% Popsoft GSIN on shaved weight.
  • Handle modifications for finished grain leather
    For a silky, slightly greasy handle Popsoft GSIN can be sprayed as a top finish on finished grain leather. Depending on the desired effect, solutions of roughly 10% concentration are used for this purpose. If deeper penetration is required, about 30-100 gms/litre isopropyl alcohol should be added to the solution.
  • For upgrading of defective leathers Corrected grain leathers are given a pad coat with a 10% solution of Popsoft GSIN which helps in sealing the defects and thereby improves the film formation of the subsequent pigment coats. Sealing coat is to be adjusted to the desired effect using about 30-100 gms/litre isopropyl alcohol to take care of the adhesion of the subsequent coats.
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