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POPSYNTH SOL9B Sulphated natural oil in solvent.

Popsynth SOL9B is a new special type of synthetic fat liquor for suede, nubuck, garment and gloving leather. It increases the brilliance and depth of the dyeing and imparts lustre and sheen to suede leathers.

Popsynth SOL9B

  • gives a pleasing, silky handle.
  • gives a good lustre and two-way nap. . produces very soft Ieathers
  • used for re-fatliquoring of crust leather.


Appearance : Light Amber oil.
Chemical Character : Sulphated natural oil in solvent. Active Matter : 80%
pH of 10% solution : 6.5-7.5 Ionic Nature : Anionic
Stability : Stable to weak acids, alkalis, tanning agents and electrolytes.
Solubility : Readily soluble in all proportions with water. Compatibility : Good with anion-active, nonionic and cation-active substances.


  • Popsynth SOL9B when used in combination with other synthetic and natural fat, a thorough fatliquoring without bony feel and dry noise is achieved.
  • Popsynth SOL9B also helps in reducing fatliquoring period when used in fat-mix.
  • Popsynth SOL9B imparts dry feel on the leather surface which helps to improve adhesion of the finishing mix.
  • Suede leathers when fatliquored with Popsynth SOL9B produces lustrous sheen and independant movement of the fibres.
  • Its fastness to light and compatibility with anionic dyes without loss of shade makes Popsynth SOL9B suitable for fatliquoring softies, garment and gloving.
  • Leathers at all levels of colour giving a silky handle to the leather.
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