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Synthetic fatliquor for white and very soft leathers.

Popsynthol BW 38 produces a fat liquoring effect very similar to fatliquoring products based on natural sperm oil .


APPEARANCE : Yellow-brown free flowing liquid.

Chemical Nature : Sulphonated ester.

Active Matter : 50% (+/-2)

pH of 10% solution : 6.5

Ionic Charge : Anionic

Stability : Stable to hard water, natural salts, acids , alkalies as well as to Vegetable and synthetic tanning agents.

Properties :
- POPSYNTHOL BW 38 imparts required degree of inner softness and fullness without making the grain loose in a typical manner of natural sperm oil .

- POPSYNTHOL BW 38 is suitable in particular for fat liquoring chrome leathers of top quality

- POPSYNTHOL BW 38 possesses excellent light fastness and has no effect on aniline dyes.

- POPSYNTHOL BW 38 has a strong emulsifying power and is ideal for any quality leather . Desired softness can be achieved making the leather light in weight .

- POPSYNTHOL BW 38 is recommended for gloving and clothing leathers where both softness and surface feer are essential .

POPSYNTHOL BW 38 can be recommended for fat liquoring all types of leather , especially for softy upper, nappa, lining , glazed kid upper , aniline buss calf , garment and bag leathers .

Storage should be away from extreme conditions. Under extreme climatic conditions this product may separate slightly. So it should be always well-stirred immediately prior to use. Storage life is about one year under normal conditions and temperatures.

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