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A synthetic fatliquor with a fish-oil component

Popsynthoil FBDN is anionic synthetic fatliquor for all types of skin, specially designed for fatliquoring of aniline leathers and furnish to the leathers.


Appearance : Clear amber liquid. Chemical Nature : Synthetic sulphonated esters, glycerides of long chain and aliphatic hydrocarbons of high molecularweight.

Active Matter : 65% approx. }

pH af 10% solution : 7.5 approx.

Ionic charge : Anionic Stability : Stable to chrome salts, aluminium, anionic and non-ionic surfactants in usual concentrations.


Popsynthol FBDN can be used as sole fatliquor in all types of cow hides for upholstry and also mixed with other fatliquor for all types of skins.
Popsynthoil FBDN imparts excellent softness and lightly fatty feel due to its high fatliquoring power.
Popsynthoil FBDN has no effect on aniline dyes. It is satisfactorily fast to light and does not impart any yellowing to leather under normal conditions.

Storage should be away from extreme conditions wherever possible. Under extreme climatic conditions this product may separate slightly. So it should always be well stirred immediately prior to use.

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