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A versatile fatliquor for all types of leather.

Popsynthol Liquor SPG is a versatile lubricant for fatliquoring operations having application properties similar to that of natural sperm oil.


Appearance : Clear amber liquid. Chemical Nature : Anionic fatliquor based on high molecular weight fatty ester. Active Matter : 65% (_+ 2) pH of 10% solution : 8.0-9.0 Stability : Stable to hard water, natural salts, acids, alkalies as well as to vegetable, synthetic and mineral tanning agents.


Popsynthol Liquor SPG has a strong emulsifying power and is ideal for any quality leather. Desired softness can be achieved making the leather light in weight.
Popsynthol Liquor 8PG imparts required degree of softness and fullness without making the grain loose in a typical characteristic manner of natural sperm oil.
Popsynthol Liquor SPG imparts a pleasing handle and suppleness, keeping the surface of the leather non-greasy.


Popsynthol Liquor SPG can be recommended for fatliquoring all types of leather, especially for softy upper, nappa, lining, aniline buff calf, glazed kid upper, garment or bag leathers.
STORAGE: Storage should be away from extreme conditions wherever possible. Under extreme climatic conditions this product may separate slightly. So it should always be well stirred immediately prior to use.

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