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Synthetic replacement tanning agent.

POPTIN ANF is mainly used for retanning chrome and semichrome leather that is to be dyed in full, brilliant shades. It is amphoteric in nature.


Mixture of naphthalene sulphonic acid condensate and phenol sulphonic acid condensate products.
Concentration : 95% approx. pH ( 1:1.0 soln.) : 6.5- 7.5
POPTAN ANF is a pale, yellowish powder, readily soluble in water. It is compatible with chrome tanning agents and combination tanning agents containing chrome and with anionic dyes and auxiliaries.
POPTAN ANF is compatible with synthetic tanning agents and disperses vegetable tannins as well.
POPTAN ANF imparts medium fullness and good softness to the leather. The shade of the retanned leather has good light fastness, and it is clear and brilliant and bleached to a substantially less extent than by a retannage with conventional synthetic tanning agents.
POPTAN ANF promotes firmness of the grain, retans the leather under rather acid conditions and thus protects the grain while maintaining a mellow handle.
POPTAN ANF penetrates through the leather quickly and deeply and thus assists the penetration and uniform distribution of other materials such as synthetic, vegetable and resin tanning agents when used together.
POPTAN ANF favours uniform distribution of the fat liquoring agents and thus helps to impart good softness with minimum quantity of fatliquor.


Chrome character is largely maintained producing a softy leather with firm grain.
Neutralisation and retannage may take place in the same bath. . Good filling effect.
Homogeneous absorption and distribution of fat. . Permits good exhaustion of dyes and fat liquors and thus helps to reduce pollution by tannery effluents.


POPTAN ANF is a versatile tanning and retanning agent for chrome as well as vegetable tanned leather.
POPTAN ANF is especially recommended for automotive upholstery, furniture upholstery and clothing leathers. Recommended levels of use are 4-6%.
In combination retannages with vegetable and resin tanning agents to produce a full round leather 2-4% of Poptan ANF is recommended.
As a pretannage 3-5% of Poptan ANF is recommended to assist with penetration of other tanning agents.


Presents no problem under normal storage conditions and has an indefinite shelf life. Some caking may occur if the product is stored in warm, daxnp conditions, but this does not affect the efficiency of the product.

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