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A lightfast chrome containing synthetic tannin with buffering and complex forming properties.

POPTAN CSN is a combination of basic chromium salts and a lightfast white tanning agent. The product can be used as selftanning agent or as pretanning and retanning agent in vegetable and chrome tannage. It imparts to the leather a particularly soft handle and a tight grain.


Concentration :88-90% Chromium Oxide : 12%
pH of 10% solution : 4.0
Appearance : Pale green powder readily soluble in water.


  • Poptan CSN is primarily used for the production of leathers with
    mellowness and supple grain without altering the chrome. leather character.
  • The use of Poptan CSN retains fineness and tightness of grain and prepares the leather for level dyeing.
  • It is preferable to use Poptan CSN in powder form, 4-8% Poptan CSN may be used depending on the type of leather.
  • Poptan CSN is recommended for neutralizing and retanning of chrome leathers. It also has complex forming and buffering properties.


  • For the tannage of low chrome wet blue to improve uptake, 1%-2% is recommended.
  • For the retannage of chromed stock, sides, skins or splits for clothing and gloving, 2%-6% is recommended.
  • When used as retanning agent for E.I. tanned goat skins, it imparts an extremely soft handle and fills up the leather without unduly loading the gain.
  • When used alone it yields white leathers of good fullness and highly resilient handle.
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