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A light-fast anionic, safe neutralising agent with pronounced buffering effect and complex forming action.

Poptan NS has an almost neutral reaction. Its effect is thus not based on alkalinity, which would be harmful to leather, but on its buffering capacity and on its ability to replace strong acids by weak acid groups with complexing properties.


Active Ingredients : 96%
pH of 10% solution : 7.0-7.5
Appearance : A very light, cream coloured powder, readily soluble in water.
Chemical Character : Mixture of organic and inorganic compiexing agents with buffering effect.

Poptan NS is a neutral synthetic tanning agent recommended for neutralization. It also gives good results in retanning and dyeing of chrome leathers and other mineral tanned leathers. Poptan NS has no tanning action of its own which means that it cannot affect the grain of the chrome leather.


  • Poptan NS may be used either alone (2-4% on shaved weight) or in
    combination ( 1-3% on shaved weight) with commercial neutralizing agents such as sodium bicarbonate, sodium formate etc.
  • Used alone or in combination with other retanning materials, Poptan NS is highly suitable for initiating the retannage.
  • Poptan NS has good light fastness and owing to its anionic character, it provides an excellent levelling in dyeing without causing a pronounced brightening. The spontaneous reaction of acid substantive dyes with the cationic leather is weakened.
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